Feb 03

Adopt A Road A Success!

This past Sunday we woke up bright and early to scrub Fletcher Avenue. We spent most of our time on the west-bound side of the road, since we spent a good deal of time on the other side at the last cleanup.

Soo you’ll be happy to know that the bike lane is swept and the the sidewalks, uncovered! We’ve also sent some of the before and after pictures of the sand covered sidewalks to Michelle Ogilvie (Hillsborough MPO’s BPAC coordinator) along with concerns about hazardous things (glass, nails, etc.) being hidden in the sand for pedestrians to step on, wheelchairs getting through the sand and TECO leaving a large mound of sand in between the road and the sidewalk where a utility pole was put in (over time it has covered the sidewalk and the bike lane with sand). The issue of sidewalk maintenance has been added to the agenda for the next BPAC meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9th! We’re hoping the discussion will lead to bike lane and storm drain maintenance as well, since they all seem to be neglected.

Our next Adopt A Road cleanup session will be on Sunday, March 27th! :D