Jan 25

Let’s Clean out the Bike Lanes This Sunday!

Tired of riding over gravel, bits of metal, trash…and hypodermic needles when you ride to the University Bicycle Center on Fletcher Avenue? Let’s spend some time sweeping out the bike lanes and picking up some trash along the road. Don’t worry – Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful will supply gloves! They also supply garbage bags, road signs, and fashionable reflective vests for the project.

We’re planning to do another Adopt A Road cleanup session of “our” stretch of Fletcher Avenue this Sunday, January 30th. Our stretch consists of Fletcher Ave. from Bruce B. Downs to 15th St. We’ll be concentrating on the Eastbound side of the road this time :D!

Meet up at 9:00AM in the parking lot beside Bagels Plus on Fletcher Ave. near the northwest corner of the intersection of Fletcher and Bruce B. Downs.

Since there is no way we can clean the entire 2-mile stretch (unless I get an overwhelming response from volunteers) so we’ll clean as much as we can until around 11:30AM and then head to Bagels Plus for some breakf…brunchhh.

Shoot me an email if you’d like to help out!! jlbrenne@mail.usf.edu

Check out the before and after pictures from our last cleanup session!!


  1. Sean Kelly

    Now that I have been riding more, particularly in bike lanes as I try to leave the warm cozy nest of the side walk, I see the value in a clean, debris free bike lane and was really pleased to help clean them out and do my part.

    Community Service can actually be fun when your in good company and working to improve something that you yourself use! Thanks guys!!

  2. Jessica

    I’m so glad you came out to help us clean up the road too! We’ll do it again next month. You down?!

    Sidewalks may seem warm and cozy, but they are death traps in disguise. You really have to be careful at driveways and side streets. Drivers aren’t paying attention to sidewalk traffic. And it’s especially dangerous to go against traffic on the sidewalk because people coming out of driveways are always looking to the left first, at the same time absent mindedly pulling out past the sidewalk!

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