Nov 23

Keeping Fletcher Avenue Bicycle Lanes Beautiful

On Sunday November 21st from 8am-11am, the USF Bicycle Club conducted a roadside cleanup on Fletcher Avenue between Bruce B. Downs and N 22nd street as part of the Hillsborough County Adopt-A-Road program.  USFBC members picked up trash along Fletcher Avenue and swept the bicycle lanes on the North side of Fletcher Avenue removing hazardous debris.  Debris picked up in the bicycle lanes included: mounds and mounds of sand and dirt, 8-10 AA batteries, wires, wrenches, bolts, nuts, nails, glass, tire shrapnel, lug nuts, more dirt, more glass, pennies, paper cups, Rubber O-Rings (“is it an O or a Ring?”), signs, the list goes on… 

While sweeping up trash in the bicycle lane and along the roadside, we observed many bicyclists riding against traffic in the bicycle lane weaving in and out of traffic to cross the road; all 8 of the bicyclists observed were not wearing a helmet and many were talking on their cell phones while riding.  This may be why Florida is one of the deadliest states for bicyclists.  Just a thought.   

Question:To help keep our streets and bicycle lanes clean – Do you think Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, and Temple Terrace should look into monthly street sweeping?  It may be a once a year thing already (not sure).



  1. Jerry Nepon-Sixt

    Great idea, and I’d like to see more cleanups and bike lane adoptions. I bought an old trailer, a Hoover manual sidewalk sweeper, and do the same for bike lanes near my house. A monthly sweep would be great, but why not more actions like you guys took. I’ve done Ehrlich Road between Anderson and the Vets several times on my own, on my bike with trailer, and picked up several bags of stuff each time. The well-used lanes on Linebaugh that run from Dale Mabry to Tampa Road in Pinellas County would be a great target for adoption, especially those lengths a mile on either side of the landfill transfer station.

    What I like about this is that instead of merely bitching (and fixing flats) get out there and do a little work for yourself and fellow cyclists! Yes!

  2. Donny

    I’m intrigued by this trailer you speak of. Is it a bicycle attachment, or something separate? Any idea where I could find more about something like this?

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