Nov 30

Critical Manners Ride tomorrow in Tampa!

Tampa native, Elizabeth Holland (of Treehouse Yoga) has organized the first ever Tampa “Critical Manners Ride”

Goals for Critical Manners Ride:
Increase visibility of cyclists on the streets
Engage in safe COEXISTENCE with motorists to encourage road sharing
Raise the level of awareness in motorists

How do we do this??

By holding simultaneous bike rides throughout the Bay area where we demonstrate manners as peaceful law-abiding, courteous citizen cyclists. Riders and drivers CAN share the road safely. We need to be VISIBLE to raise the level of awareness in drivers. A huge problem for cyclists is that motorists are simply not looking for us! Elizabeth hopes that a recurrence of rides like this will raise the level of awareness in motorists by showing them that we are on the road and we are a cooperative part of traffic and that they NEED to be looking for us whether it’s in the car lane, the bike lane, or the road shoulder.

Ride Guidelines:
– Obey all traffic rules.
– Helmets, lights, reflective clothing if possible. (safety and visibility…muy importante)
– Do a brief safety check – go over traffic rules – before heading out.
– Ride during Rush Hour

Elizabeth says, “At the moment, there is nowhere in the United States where improving the way people drive and cycle is more CRITICAL than in Tampa.”

Rides will be held tomorrow, beginning at 5:15pm!

The two known starting points are:
On the University of South Florida campus at Pine and Alumni Dr. – the parking lot across from the Botanical Gardens.
— Downtown Tampa at Waterfront Park, Ashley and Zack St.) This ride is point to point. It ends at Sligh and 30th (or peel off to your house or favorite watering hole along the way…maybe the Refinery, Independent or other Seminole Heights favorite.)

**Elizabeth is also looking for volunteers to lead 30-minute rides from other locations. Rides can be point to point OR out and back.

We want to get a good group of students/non students from the USF area to join our group starting at the USF Botanical Gardens! So meet us there tomorrow at 5:15 and bring your friends!

Also…Please bring a helmet to protect your skull. :-)


  1. Reama

    How did the ride go? I’m glad to see you starting a ride in Florida and wish you the best of luck.


  2. Jessica

    Thanks! The weather that day made a drastic change for Florida standards and was so COLD! The ride had very low attendance…Two people. :) But we road proudly and lawfully through the streets. We’re hoping to plan more of these and that people will catch on and join us.

  3. Jessica

    Why does that smiley face look so creepy? It’s the eyebrows…

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