May 03

Hub Grub Again!

For those of you who missed the first “Hub Grub” put on by the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club (it was delicious), it’s happening again in a few weeks!

It is scheduled for May 22 from 3-6 PM, starting at the Garden Center over in Seminole Heights.  It’s a bit of a ride over there, but not a bad one.  For more details and for updates as more details become known, please consult Alan Snel’s blog!

From Alan:

Hub Grub Bicycle Ride Returns May 22 With New Restaurants on the Restaurant Bike Tour and a Bike-Drive-Thru of Ella’s Restaurant!

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Tampa — The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club is proud to celebrate National Bicycle Month in May with another round of the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride.

It is set for MAY 22, from 3-6 PM, starting at the Garden Center, 5810 Central Avenue, Tampa.

The inaugural Hub Grub Ride was an enormous success this year, so the SHBC is doing Hub Grub II in response to several requests by bicyclists and restaurant owners alike.

The Hub Grub Ride on May 22 will feature:

  • Ella’s restaurant on Nebraska Avenue inviting bicyclists to bike right through the restaurant while trying some samples.
  • A visit to Viitals, a gluton-free bakery on Nebraska Avenue.
  • And a return to The Independent, the craft beer pub that will feature $1 off specials.
  • Other local Seminole Heights restaurants will be part of the tour circuit!

Please bring a bike helmet to this meet-up bike ride, which means all participants assume responsibility for their bike safety.

We will visit each restaurant for about 10-15 minutes to meet and greet the owners and staffers before heading to the next restaurant.


  1. Jason Jackman

    Message from the USF Bicycle Club President regarding Saturday’s HubGrub Ride:
    I’m leaving from the USF Botanical Gardens at 2 PM Saturday to ride out to the Seminole Heights Garden Center. If you want to come with let me know! -Jessica Brenner

  2. Jason Jackman

    any updates and photos to post from the recent hub grub?

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