Apr 20

Ride to Drive-In Theater

This Saturday, April 24, the Bicycle Club will be biking out to the Fun-Lan Drive-In Theater.  We’ve already confirmed that management has no problems with us attending, but there are a few things we need for the outing to work:

  • Everyone participating in the ride should have front and back lights on their bike since it will be a night ride.
  • We need fold up chairs! (Management mentioned that they don’t want people sitting on the ground — not sure why, but we should probably have chairs to be safe.)
  • We need at least one boombox/radio.  The audio for the movie is transmitted by radio, so we need one to be able to hear the movie.

If your bike doesn’t have lights but you want to join us, let me know and we’ll try to get a hold of some lights for you.  If you can help out by bringing chairs or a portable boombox, let me know!

The time and movie are to be determined at the meeting Thursday (since we won’t even know what movies are playing until then).

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  1. Keiland Smith

    How was the ride to the movie theater?

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