Apr 18

Bulls’ Bicycle Bash

The first Bulls’ Bicycle Bash went quite well.  Thanks to all who showed up, including but not limited to:

Join us next time!  Here are some photos from the event:

(There are more photos over at our PicasaWeb and at Tampa BayCycle.)

The atmosphere was laid back and fun.  We were serenaded by some local artists:

img_4210.jpg img_4223.jpg

Ate some pizza, chatted with fellow bicyclists and random cool people:

img_4215.jpg img_4209.jpg img_4228.jpg img_4218.jpg

Gave away some prizes, and of course worked on our bikes:

img_4213.jpg img_4216.jpg img_4217.jpg img_4227.jpg

All in all, I’d say it was a good night.

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  1. Jason Jackman

    Nice work Donny! I agree, it was a pretty chill/fun event.

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