Mar 10

Google Maps Bicycling

Google Bicycle People

After much anticipation, Google has finally unveiled the “Bike There” functionality to Google Maps.  Now you can see bicycle lanes and trails on Google Maps and use the directions feature to find optimal bicycling routes from point A to point B.

Note that it’s just released and still a “beta” (testing) project though, so some of the route information may not be perfect.

For more information, see Alan Snel’s blog, the Wired News article, or Google Maps’ bicycling page.


  1. Donny

    So… even though the article was somewhat journalistic in tone, I’M FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I’ve been waiting for this for ages and following the progress of it on the ‘net! AHHH!!! **Goes and has a party**

  2. Jason Jackman

    Totally sweet! Love it!

  3. Florida No Fault

    I want one of these cool “Google bikes” :-)

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