Nov 21

Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful on Fletcher Avenue

January 17th, the Bicycle Club at USF is hosting a roadside cleanup on Fletcher Avenue.    DSC05038

Sep 22

2014 Fall Semester Kick off Meeting for Bicycle Club at USF

Friendly reminder that today is our first Bicycle Club meeting of the fall semester! We are really looking forward to meeting our new members and discussing ideas for upcoming events and rides. Join us for a short meeting to kick off the new year.

What? Bicycle Club at USF meeting
When? September 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm
Where? Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) Room 207



Feb 03

Adopt A Road A Success!

This past Sunday we woke up bright and early to scrub Fletcher Avenue. We spent most of our time on the west-bound side of the road, since we spent a good deal of time on the other side at the last cleanup.

Soo you’ll be happy to know that the bike lane is swept and the the sidewalks, uncovered! We’ve also sent some of the before and after pictures of the sand covered sidewalks to Michelle Ogilvie (Hillsborough MPO’s BPAC coordinator) along with concerns about hazardous things (glass, nails, etc.) being hidden in the sand for pedestrians to step on, wheelchairs getting through the sand and TECO leaving a large mound of sand in between the road and the sidewalk where a utility pole was put in (over time it has covered the sidewalk and the bike lane with sand). The issue of sidewalk maintenance has been added to the agenda for the next BPAC meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9th! We’re hoping the discussion will lead to bike lane and storm drain maintenance as well, since they all seem to be neglected.

Our next Adopt A Road cleanup session will be on Sunday, March 27th! :D

Jan 25

Let’s Clean out the Bike Lanes This Sunday!

Tired of riding over gravel, bits of metal, trash…and hypodermic needles when you ride to the University Bicycle Center on Fletcher Avenue? Let’s spend some time sweeping out the bike lanes and picking up some trash along the road. Don’t worry – Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful will supply gloves! They also supply garbage bags, road signs, and fashionable reflective vests for the project.

We’re planning to do another Adopt A Road cleanup session of “our” stretch of Fletcher Avenue this Sunday, January 30th. Our stretch consists of Fletcher Ave. from Bruce B. Downs to 15th St. We’ll be concentrating on the Eastbound side of the road this time :D!

Meet up at 9:00AM in the parking lot beside Bagels Plus on Fletcher Ave. near the northwest corner of the intersection of Fletcher and Bruce B. Downs.

Since there is no way we can clean the entire 2-mile stretch (unless I get an overwhelming response from volunteers) so we’ll clean as much as we can until around 11:30AM and then head to Bagels Plus for some breakf…brunchhh.

Shoot me an email if you’d like to help out!!

Check out the before and after pictures from our last cleanup session!!

Jan 25

Gasparilla Kids’ Bicycle Rodeo

Last Saturday we went for a lovely ride out to Bay Shore Blvd. to volunteer for the Gasparilla Kids’ Bike Rodeo. Despite being a bit chilly and windy, it was a very sunny and pleasant day.

The rodeo consisted of a short obstacle course broken into stations for different bike situations and handling skills. They had to stop at a stop sign and look both ways, stop before a mock driveway to make sure a car wasn’t backing out, and avoid road obstructions (bean bags). All very important skills. Each kid was also properly fitted with a new helmet – start ‘em young.

After the rodeo we went to Jimmy John’s on North Franklin Street for some sandwichy sustenance. We also like to support this Jimmy John’s location because they deliver their sandwiches by bicycle. Pretty cool.

Jan 07

Ride to Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market This Sunday!

Let’s ride out to the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning fresh market this Sunday, Jan. 9th!

There will be local vendors, artists, fresh flowers, plants, organic produce, live music! This Month’s market will feature a chili cookoff with with local chili cookers competing for the title of Best Market Chili!

Check out the website–>

 USF Bike Club members will receive a $5 food voucher again (courtesy of Jim Shirk of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club –Thanks, Jim! ) The Seminole Heights Bike Club also provides a valet parking facility at their tent, so no need to worry about where to park your whip.

We’ll be meeting up at the corner of Pine and Alumni in front of the Botanical Gardens on USF’s campus at 10:00am. The ride from USF to Hillsborough High School is about 7.5 miles.

Please bring: a bike, a helmet, yourself, a water bottle, and a friend!… and some money if you plan on browsing the vendors and making any purchases. (remember, food is on the SHBC, but we’re receiving a maximum of 8 vouchers, so let me know ASAP if you’re coming!)


Dec 17

Ride to The Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market

I know it’s been cold lately and you haven’t wanted to ride for fear of freezing your Floridian bums off,

but(t) listen… this Sunday is the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market.

Their vision: “To provide an open-air Fresh Market for the community to support the on-going movement toward sustainability. To provide community residents and businesses the freshest, highest quality, most nutritious, and most reasonably priced local products.

To provide to the community an opportunity to shop local and support businesses and artists that are their friends and neighbors.”

It’s an outdoor “fresh market” featuring an assortment of local vendors, artists, fresh flowers, plants, organic produce, live music! Not to mention, USF Bike Club members receive a $5 food voucher. (courtesy of Jim Shirk of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club :D) The Seminole Heights Bike Club will also provide a valet parking facility at their tent!…It’s pretty amazing.

We’ll be meeting up at the corner of Pine and Alumni in front of the Botanical Gardens on USF’s campus at 10:00am. The ride from USF to Hillsborough High School is about 7.5 miles.

What to bring: a bike, a helmet, yourself, a water bottle, and a friend!… and some money if you plan on browsing the vendors and making any purchases. (remember, food is on the SHBC!)

Shoot me an email or gimme a call/text if you plan on coming.

Nov 30

Critical Manners Ride tomorrow in Tampa!

Tampa native, Elizabeth Holland (of Treehouse Yoga) has organized the first ever Tampa “Critical Manners Ride”

Goals for Critical Manners Ride:
Increase visibility of cyclists on the streets
Engage in safe COEXISTENCE with motorists to encourage road sharing
Raise the level of awareness in motorists

How do we do this??

By holding simultaneous bike rides throughout the Bay area where we demonstrate manners as peaceful law-abiding, courteous citizen cyclists. Riders and drivers CAN share the road safely. We need to be VISIBLE to raise the level of awareness in drivers. A huge problem for cyclists is that motorists are simply not looking for us! Elizabeth hopes that a recurrence of rides like this will raise the level of awareness in motorists by showing them that we are on the road and we are a cooperative part of traffic and that they NEED to be looking for us whether it’s in the car lane, the bike lane, or the road shoulder.

Ride Guidelines:
– Obey all traffic rules.
– Helmets, lights, reflective clothing if possible. (safety and visibility…muy importante)
– Do a brief safety check – go over traffic rules – before heading out.
– Ride during Rush Hour

Elizabeth says, “At the moment, there is nowhere in the United States where improving the way people drive and cycle is more CRITICAL than in Tampa.”

Rides will be held tomorrow, beginning at 5:15pm!

The two known starting points are:
On the University of South Florida campus at Pine and Alumni Dr. – the parking lot across from the Botanical Gardens.
— Downtown Tampa at Waterfront Park, Ashley and Zack St.) This ride is point to point. It ends at Sligh and 30th (or peel off to your house or favorite watering hole along the way…maybe the Refinery, Independent or other Seminole Heights favorite.)

**Elizabeth is also looking for volunteers to lead 30-minute rides from other locations. Rides can be point to point OR out and back.

We want to get a good group of students/non students from the USF area to join our group starting at the USF Botanical Gardens! So meet us there tomorrow at 5:15 and bring your friends!

Also…Please bring a helmet to protect your skull. :-)

Nov 23

Keeping Fletcher Avenue Bicycle Lanes Beautiful

On Sunday November 21st from 8am-11am, the USF Bicycle Club conducted a roadside cleanup on Fletcher Avenue between Bruce B. Downs and N 22nd street as part of the Hillsborough County Adopt-A-Road program.  USFBC members picked up trash along Fletcher Avenue and swept the bicycle lanes on the North side of Fletcher Avenue removing hazardous debris.  Debris picked up in the bicycle lanes included: mounds and mounds of sand and dirt, 8-10 AA batteries, wires, wrenches, bolts, nuts, nails, glass, tire shrapnel, lug nuts, more dirt, more glass, pennies, paper cups, Rubber O-Rings (“is it an O or a Ring?”), signs, the list goes on… 

While sweeping up trash in the bicycle lane and along the roadside, we observed many bicyclists riding against traffic in the bicycle lane weaving in and out of traffic to cross the road; all 8 of the bicyclists observed were not wearing a helmet and many were talking on their cell phones while riding.  This may be why Florida is one of the deadliest states for bicyclists.  Just a thought.   

Question:To help keep our streets and bicycle lanes clean – Do you think Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, and Temple Terrace should look into monthly street sweeping?  It may be a once a year thing already (not sure).

Nov 19

Bicycle Community Service!

Help us Clean up the Bike Lane on Fletcher!

We have officially “adopted” the stretch of Fletcher from Bruce B. Downs Blvd. to 15th St. through Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful.
We chose to adopt this section of Fletcher, because there IS a bike lane from Bruce B. Downs to 22nd and we have the opportunity to clean out the gravel, metal shards, etc. that accumulate in the bike lane/shoulder. This is also the road that leads to University Bicycle Center, so we’re clearing our path to the bike shop as well!

***This Sunday, November 21st, we have scheduled a cleanup session from 8am-12pm.

*Meet up in the parking lot beside Bagel’s Plus on Fletcher Ave. (right past Gey’s Book Store on Fletcher)

*Please wear long pants, old tennis shoes and any other kind of protective clothing you feel is necessary. It should be a bit chilly, so dress warm!

*The Adopt-A-Road program provides signs, vests, gloves and trashbags for our cleanup.

*If you have a shovel or push broom…or any other supplies you think might be useful for clearing out the bike lane, please let me know.

Shoot me an email ( if you plan on being there!
Call or text me if you have questions! 702-809-7505
See you Sunday!


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